Alice In Chains

The 53-year-old musician hasn’t released a solo album since 2002’s ‘Degradation Trip’ – but he’s now taken to Instagram to confirm that his first LP in almost 20 years is currently in the works.

Alongside a series of behind-the-scenes studio snaps, Jerry wrote: “It’s time to make the Raawwwkkk !!! (sic)”
Jerry – who released his debut solo album, ‘Boggy Depot’, in 1998 – suggested earlier this year that a new solo project could be in the works.

He teased at the time: “There’s gonna be some cool things happening this year.

“I’ve already done a couple of shows in L.A. in December with a great group of friends. My friend helped me put together a really cool group of people, and we did a couple of solo shows.”

Jerry still regards Alice In Chains as his “first love” – but he’s also relished the experience of making and performing his solo material.

He said: “I’ve been in this band, in Alice in Chains since 1987, so 33 years.

“And that’s always been my first love and my commitment, but I did have the opportunity to make a couple of solo records, and since we started the band back up, I really didn’t have the opportunity to revisit that.”

Jerry explained that in the short term, he’ll be focusing his attention on his solo work.

He shared: “I’m working on a new record myself. When I’m with Alice, I’m with Alice, and that takes the majority of my time.”