Chris Martin is “not really a great drinker” and often gets “very depressed” when he consumes alcohol.

The 43-year-old Coldplay frontman told Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 that his personality is already a strong one, and the addition of drink can make him too much for some people.

‘I’m not really a great drinker, I don’t really do very well with it,” he sighed. “I become very depressed or too much. I acknowledge I can already be a strong flavour, and drinking makes it a bit too strong.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chris revealed that his parents, Anthony and Alison, thought it was a “joke” when he said he wanted to become a musician.

“You know I may as well have said, ‘I’m gonna, you know, open a casino on Jupiter’ – that would be about as realistic,” he laughed. “So I think when I said to my dad and my mum, ‘You know, I think I’d like to be in a band’, they were like ‘OK,’ thinking it was some joke. And I remember playing something to my mum once and she said ‘Is this you?’ in a really sweet way, like ‘Oh, OK, this is really all right’.

“So they were all really great about it… My parents, they’re all from farming families, so it just was completely alien to anything we’d ever experienced and it was for us too for a few years.”