The ‘School’s Out’ rocker – whose real name is Vincent Furnier – has opened up on his working relationship with the producer, which started on 1971’s ‘Love It To Death’, and the impact it’s had on the legendary alter ego.
He told Classic Rock magazine: “Bob and I are the only two that really know Alice. When we’re writing or listening back to a song, we may look at each other and go, ‘Alice would never say that’.
“We look at Alice in a third person: ‘Listen to the way he sings this, Alice wouldn’t sing it that way.’ And that’s how we treat Alice.
“Bob’s the only one I would trust in the world to do that with me, because we both created the Alice character.”
Although Cooper has worked with other producers over the years, he admitted Bob still has some involvement to make sure everything is on the right track.
He explained: “Even when I’m doing albums with other producers, I run the songs past Bob.
“He sends me back a list of comments, and I take notes, then I fix whatever’s wrong before going to the other producer.”
For Bob, he still feels incredibly grateful for the way he almost stumbled onto their working partnership in the early 1970s.
The producer added: “My biggest blessing of all was having my boss Jack Richardson not want to produce Alice Cooper and throwing me under the bus.
“And instead of being crushed by the bus I got on it and rode into a career.”