Muse are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ by releasing a remix LP. The British rock band are marking the landmark date for their acclaimed second album by bringing out the collection which includes a new version of ‘Citizen Erased’.

The remix album will drop on June 18, just a few weeks before ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ was originally released on July 17, 2001.

The studio LP was a critical and commercial success for the group – made up of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard – and contained tracks such as ‘Plug In Baby’, ‘Newborn’ and ‘Bliss’.

Frontman Bellamy previously revealed that the band wanted to put on a “special show” mark the record’s anniversary, but that may not be possible due to social distancing restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to NME in 2020, he said: “If the live scene exists next year, we could do a special show to celebrate it in some way. I wouldn’t be against that. As soon as concerts open up again, Muse will be keen to do something.”
Bellamy, 42, and his bandmates have also started work on their next album, the follow-up to 2018’s ‘Simulation Theory‘ and he claimed the trio were considering moving back to their hometown of Teignmouth in Devon, South West England, to record the tracks.

Speaking last year, he said: “I like the idea of totally resetting and going back to where we come from.

“As in, physically moving back to our hometown and getting back to how we used to be at square one. We’re likely to get in the studio next year to make a new album of some kind and then tour after that, depending on the travel restrictions.”