Robert Plant says music kept him sane during lockdown. The Led Zeppelin legend has opened up on how he turned to music to help him through the pandemic, although he didn’t have any set artists or songs which he’d always listen to.
Speaking on ‘Digging Deep: The Robert Plant Podcast’, he said: “It’s interesting really, yes.

“Depending on my mood, I would go to – the mood would call music into me, so I’d be very happy listening to Geraci and going, ‘Oh God, this is crazy, how do I get out of here?’

“I keep looking at maps and talking about countries that no longer exist, whove changed their names three times with different currencies… places over yonder, reading more and more about far away places.”

The AGE-year-old singer explained while he went back to “times in [his] life”, he was drawn to the moment in time rather than the songs themselves.

He added: “I would associate myself, I think… with times in my life which had really deep resonance, and I would go to those eras.

“Not particularly specific songs, but yeah… and voices too, especially voices. People who could really shape what they’re writing about without any restraint.”

He noted he wasn’t referencing to charismatic and energetic performers like Little Richard, but more a different way of putting the emotion across.
He said: “I don’t mean Little Richard, but I mean people who are actually laying down some poignant, heartfelt stuff and they could song it so that it would be almost no vocal performance or at the right time, it would be this amazing expression of it all.”