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Green Day have new music on the way. The ‘Basket Case’ group’s bassist Mike Dirnt has hinted at what’s to come from the pop-punk veterans, following the release of this year’s singles ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘Here Comes The Shock’.

Mike was speaking with the band’s Oakland Coffee firm for their ‘Morning Roast’ series when he was asked what’s next for the trio.

The 49-year-old musician – who is joined by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and drummer Tre Cool in the band – simply said: “New music… and unknown adventures.”
The ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ rockers have also discussed their sources of inspiration.

On what influences him, Mike said: “Individual expression, anything from music, and architecture, to cooking or gardening. I’m inspired by people with a unique take on life and the things they do.”

However, Billie, also 49, insisted he doesn’t need to be inspired to make good art.

He added: “It could be hearing a new song, it could be going surfing, it could be hanging out with my dogs.

“I could just be hanging out with my friends and playing music together.

“Inspiration is sort of overrated. I’d prefer to work. When you work with music and art, you usually come up with something you love. And that’s what inspires you to keep doing what you love.”

The vocalist previously insisted the US chart-toppers haven’t ruled out dropping a new record.

Asked about the possibility of a follow-up to 2020’s ‘Father of All…’, Billie replied: “It’s possible.

“Whether we do a full-length album or an EP or just a song, we have a lot of different options. It’s a matter of whenever the right moment happens.

“That’s the beauty of the way you can put music out these days. You don’t have to wait for any gatekeeper to tell you that the timing is right.”

The rock star also revealed he and his bandmates hope they can work with producer Butch Walker again when they can.
He said: “I’ve been writing a lot of music, and I had all these melodies in my head, so I wrote, like, six songs since all of this has been going on.

?“I don’t know when I can get together with Mike [Dirnt, bass] and Tré [Cool, drums], but I told them to make sure that they’re quarantined for now, and then I hope down the road we can get back in the studio with [‘Father of All…’ producer] Butch Walker.”