Bob Dylan is being sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor in 1965. In the lawsuit, a woman only identified as “J.C.” claims she was 12 when the musician gave her drugs and alcohol after establishing an emotional connection with her.
She alleges Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman, abused her “multiple times” over several weeks between April and May of 1965, some of which allegedly took place in the Chelsea Hotel in New York City. Speaking through lawyers Daniel Isaacs and Peter Gleason, the complainant decided to come forward because the alleged incidents have left her “emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged to this day.”
A spokesperson for the musician denied the allegation in a statement, saying the “56-year-old claim is untrue and will be vigorously defended.”
The suit alleges claims of assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The alleged victim claims that Dylan, now 80, “used threats of physical violence” to keep her from fleeing the alleged abuse.
The woman is seeking unspecified damages and a jury trial.
The claim was filed under the New York Child Victims Act, legislation passed in 2019 that opened a two-year window for victims of childhood sexual abuse to pursue justice for incidents that happened outside of the usual statute of limitations. The lawsuit against Dylan was filed on Friday, one day before the window closed.
Several high-level cases have come out of the two-year law. An accusation of rape against Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty surfaced last week, as well as a claim against Saturday Night Live comedian Horatio Sanz for groping and grooming a minor.