Avril Lavigne’s new album will feature “the most” collaborations she’s ever had.The ‘With You’ hitmaker will release her new record next month and told fans the coronavirus pandemic worked in her favour because so many musicians were stuck in Los Angeles and so it was easier to get them into the recording studio without having so many commitments to coordinate.
She said: “I have a bunch of different features on the record, the most I have had before, as everyone was in town.”
The 37-year-old singer described the as-yet untitled album as a “love letter to women and self-empowerment”.
She added during an Instagram Live: “The spirit and the energy of this record is so much fun.”
The album will be released through Travis Barker’s DTA records and Avril recently praised the Blink-182 rocker for being a “blast” to work with.
She said: “Well, it all started with Blink 182 being one of my favourite bands.
“And I have admired Travis my entire career.
“We worked together on ‘The Best Damn Thing’ on that album and he played drums.
“And then on this, Travis is producing, we’re writing together and we just had such a blast collaborating in the studio.
“Now, I’m signed to DTA Records, which is his label, and it just felt like a natural fit it and it made sense.
“And I think creatively, we just click, he gets me. Working with Travis, you’re totally right.
“Where he’s like, ‘Well, what do you want?’ And he’s like, ‘Here’s my opinion. Here’s what I think.’ But ultimately he’s like, ‘I want it to be your decision. I want you to be happy with it.’
“Because he gets it because he’s an artist. He’ll like to sit around, chat with me, give me his opinion and feedback.
But ultimately of course I’m going to listen to him, but he’s like, ‘Make the decision for yourself.’ So yeah, it’s been cool.”