Billie Joe Armstrong’s missing classic car has been recovered by police officers in California. Earlier this week, the Green Day rocker took to Instagram to share that his 1962 Chevrolet Nova II had been stolen from a property in Costa Mesa and shared several images of the vehicle in the hope followers may recognise it.
On Wednesday, Armstrong returned to the platform and excitedly announced that the classic car had been recovered.
“FOUND MY CAR!! False alarm… turns out I forgot where I parked it… KIDDING!” he joked. “Truth is the person that stole it left it parked. Joy ride? Maybe… who knows. We live in desperate times. Thank god It’s all in one piece. No damage. Thank you thank you to everyone that searched for my Chevy. Love you all.”
Armstrong also uploaded a screenshot of a Daily Pilot article about the recovery, with reporters revealing that sheriffs had located the car in the El Modena neighbourhood of Orange, California but no arrests had been made.