Alanis Morissette is set to release a meditation album.
The 47-year-old singer’s new record, ‘The Storm Before The Calm’, will guide her fans through 11 different meditations.
Alanis said: “Meditating rests my interior to the point where I can have access to ideas and visions and inspirations – I can hear my own capital-S Self.
“Music, for me, is like a portal in a way, an invitation into a state of being that I’m not normally in. Making the record kept me super connected and accountable during COVID, when I felt like I was just going to disappear and float away.”
‘The Storm Before The Calm’ will be released via various streaming platforms and the mental health app Calm on June 17.
Alanis has previously spoken about her love of meditation, admitting it’s helped her in a huge way over the years.
She said: “When I first started meditating, the first step was to be less afraid to face my anxiety.”
Alanis explained how meditation and writing music have both helped her to cope with various challenges in her life.
The ‘Hand in My Pocket’ hitmaker said: “Whenever something was bubbling up – I didn’t know how to process it because I was too young – I would write a song.”
Alanis also found that meditating helped her to deal with troubles while she was on the road.
She said: “I would be in these environments that were so exciting and so overstimulating but going back to the hotel to meditate. A lot of times, I’d introduce some sort of physical or somatic practice like stretching or yoga – that would help to bring me back to my body.”