Neil Young will release his album ‘Toast’ in July. The 76-year-old musician recorded the album with Crazy Horse in 2001 before shelving it but he has now announced plans to finally release the record later this summer.
‘Toast’ is named after the San Francisco studio in which it was recorded.
Neil made the announcement on his blog, the Neil Young Archives, last week but the post has now been deleted.
In the message, he wrote: “Unlike any other, ‘Toast’ was so sad that I couldn’t put it out. I just skipped it and went on to do another album in its place. I couldn’t handle it at that time. 2001.”
However, he now looks back on the record fondly.
He said: “[I] had forgotten about these songs, put them out of my mind and went on living my life. It must be said that here Crazy Horse shows a depth never seen or heard before. The greatest group I have ever met. This is a pinnacle.”
Neil went on to explain that the album is about a relationship, saying: “There is a time in many relationships that go bad, a time long before the break up, where it dawns on one of the people, maybe both, that it’s over. This was that time.
“The sound is murky and dark, but not in a bad way. Fat. From the first note, you can feel the sadness that permeates the recording… These songs paint a landscape where time doesn’t matter – because everything is going south. A lady is lost in her car. The dark city surrounds her – past present and future. It’s a scary place. You be the judge.”