Duran Duran want to release a Halloween album.

The ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ hitmakers are huge fans of the spooktastic holiday after playing a pair of Halloween-themed shows in Las Vegas last year, where they donned ghoulish outfits and performed covers of ‘Spellbound’ by Siouxsie And The Banshees, ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials and ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James.

Synth player Nick Rhodes told Record Collector magazine for a special edition about the new wave legends: “We had so much fun doing that Vegas show.

“I love the idea of a Duran Duran Halloween album, as it’s one of those crazy ideas where people go, Why would you do that?’ Well, it’s precisely because it’s so different from anything else we’ve done.”

The band are already recording a new album with terminally-ill guitarist Andy Taylor.

The 62-year-old musician – who left the band in 2006 – revealed last November when the group were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that he had been battling stage 4 prostate cancer for five years, and bassist John Taylor recently revealed their former bandmate had agreed to part of a “meaningful” new record they are working on.

Speaking at the ‘Unforgettable Evening in LA event’, which raised £1.6 million for the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, John said: “When he dropped the bomb two days before the Hall of Fame, it was really shocking and terribly sad. We’re working on an album right now that is going to be coming out at the end of the year and he’s playing guitar.

“Had he come to LA and just gone on the TV show, we probably wouldn’t have even thought about it. That [the album] happened as a result of this. There’s a lot of cover songs on the album, songs meaningful to us when we were kids. So having him be a part of that project is great.”

The ‘Girls on Film’ hitmakers will record most of the record in Los Angeles and London, but frontman Simon planned to fly to Ibiza to record with Andy in his studio.

John added: “LeBon is flying to Ibiza to work with Andy. I kind of wish I was there. I think it’ll be great.

“It’ll be really profound for them. They haven’t been in the studio together in maybe 10 to 20 years.”

The musician also hinted at the possibility the sessions could feature in a documentary because he suggested they will be filmed.

He said: “Somebody will have an iPhone on it.”

And John told Record Collector: “Simon [Le Bon] was with him for a week, they did a bunch of recording.”