Noel Gallagher has dubbed Oasis’ seminal album ‘Definitely Maybe’ “the last great punk album”.

The Britpop group’s former guitarist and chief songwriter has compared their 1994 debut album – which features the hits ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Live Forever’ – to the Sex Pistols’ only record, ‘Never Mind The B*******, Here’s The Sex Pistols’.

He told MOJO magazine: “Definitely Maybe was the last great punk album in many respects.

We were a punk band with Beatles melodies. We had no effects, barely any equipment, just loads of attitude, 12 cans of Red Stripe and ambition.”

The ‘Some Might Say’ songwriter noted how both records were written from the perspectives of teenagers.

He continued: “If you listen to that and ‘Never Mind The B*******’, they’re quite similar. That album was about the angst of being a teenager in 1977. Fast forward to 1994 and ‘Definitely Maybe’ is about the glory of being a teenager.”

Noel concluded: “It’s being down the park with a ghetto blaster distilled. It’s no coincidence that it’s lasted this long. Maybe there have been technically better or bigger records since, but that album is the real f****** deal. There’s no bull**** on it. It’s an honest snapshot of working-class lads trying to make it.”

Noel previously hailed the album as the “most influential” ever.

The 56-year-old rocker heaped praise on the 1977 punk rock masterpiece – featuring hits like ‘Anarchy in the U.K.’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’ – and insisted it “can’t be bettered”.

Speaking to Q Magazine in 2019, he said: “The most influential record of all time is ‘Never Mind The B*******’.

“People who are still working now in the music business did their s*** because of that record. It’s the absolute left turn.

“There is no argument. It cannot be bettered. It’s scientifically factual.”

Noel has name-dropped the Sex Pistols in the past, including using them in an argument about fans missing out on seeing his own band live.

He previously pointed out: “I’m sure there are countless, thousands of people who would love it [an Oasis reunion] but there’s one that wouldn’t … me.

“I do say, ‘We were together for 20 years, if you didn’t see us, tough’ … I didn’t get to see the Sex Pistols.”